Lahorites dash Maryam, her clique’s hopes: Firdous Says compensation to be sought from PDM for damaging public property


Amraiz Khan

Special Assistant to CM on Information Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan on Monday said that those who had made a fuss over a so-called successful public gathering at Iqbal Park are greatly disappointed.
“The PDM leadership, especially Maryam Nawaz is in a shock and dilemma.” She said that the PML-N leaders are blaming each other for the failed rally in their stronghold Lahore. She said that the reason behind the failure of Maryam Safdar’s power show is not the workers but PDM anti-state narrative as no conscious public and patriotic Pakistanis would stand with their anti-Pakistan narrative. Dr Firdous said that it seems that resignations by PDM parliamentarians were only a political drama as these people are giving date after date. Those who have to resign do not wait rather they just do it. She said that December 8, December 13 has passed and now December 31 will also pass. She said that the PDM leaders themselves are confused and have no strategy and added that they were just making hollow claims to win some political mileage. She said that the evil alliance of Maulana, Bilawal and Maryam is planning internal chaos in the country to revive their dead politics which the government thwarted every time. She said that the princess, the Prince and Maulana Sahib along with their henchmen are making fun of themselves by talking about overthrowing the constitutionally elected government. Dr. Firdous Ashiq said that in order to resolve the problems being faced by the Pakistanis and to remove their deprivations, Prime Minister Imran Khan made the right decisions in difficult circumstances which are appreciated by the whole world. She said that the PDM leaders are only concerned with saving the corruption of their families and they do not care about the people. She said that politically immature children of former corrupt leaders are trying to intimidate a democratic government by staging flop shows and commotion. She said that Imran Khan had worked tirelessly for 22 years to become the Prime Minister of the country. She said that what can the opposition achieve by issuing “I do not believe in writ of the govt and by showing disregard to the country’s prime institutions”.
Meanwhile, Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan while distributing cheques of Rs100,000 each to the deserving and sick journalists said that the Punjab government would use all possible resources to provide shelter to all journalists while full support will be provided for the treatment of sick journalists. She said that journalists are the eyes and ears of any society and the government will spare no effort for their welfare.
On the other hand, the SACM said compensation will be sought from Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) for damaging cultural heritage under the guise of public rally.
Dr. Firdous Ashiq took to Twitter on Monday and said nothing good for people can be expected from unfortunate PDM which gave nothing but coronavirus to the public which had come from distant places.
Buzdar government will look after masses in every possible, the special assistant added.
The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) further said that the disengagement shown by the people of Lahore from the PDM rally proved that Maryam Nawaz ended Nawaz Sharif’s politics.
The opposition must apologize over Mahmood Khan Achakzai’s remarks against the honorable people of Lahore in the presence of the entire PDM leadership, she commented.