KZG developmental budget increased 100pc


Irfan Aligi

Karachi Zoological Garden (KZG) has revised developmental budget by hundred percent, which is a violation of SEPRA Rules as only 15 percent increase is permissible per law. Karachi Contractors Association has demanded the authorities concerned to initiate necessary investigations on such unprecedented increase as this is meant for massive corruption in the Zoo’s developmental money.
In this regard, a grade-18 junior officer of local government Kunwar Ayub has been appointed as KZG Director while the grade-19 officer Mansoor Kazi has been removed though the later also faced serious charges of corruption few years ago and was also removed from his position. Ayub has been given additional charge of KZG as he already holds the charge of Allah Din Park. There are many talented, expert and honest officers in KMC who have been spending their days at home as the Mayor has not placed them on duty as yet. One such ex-Director of Safari Park Rashid, who played pivotal role in bringing elephants to Karachi safari Park during Mustafa Kamal’s Nazimship.

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