KWSB officials allow illegal water connections after taking bribe


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The officials of Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) have allowed illegal water connections after taking bribes from people in the city.
According to sources, KWSB officials permitted illegal connection of water from water board lines by collecting monthly extortion of Rs 300 from the people of Karachi’s Sarjani Town Yaro Goth.
Sources further disclosed, “In this heinous crime of water theft, KWSB in-charge of the Water Supply and Drainage Authority is also involved, who has allowed illegal connections from Karachi’s major water lines in exchange for a monthly payment.
The water mafia, which has named its illicit company ‘Yaro Goth Welfare Association Surjani’, headed by Mashooq Ali, Raju and Faisal, sources said. Sources added that the men hired more than 20 workers to collect house-to-house extortion for water supply. There are no water board lines in Yaro Goth Surjani Town which are being taken advantage of the nefarious business in these areas. Under the patronage of the company, illegal connections have been provided to 7500 houses in Yaro Goth.
In name of water and sewerage, this mafia collects up to Rs. 3 million a month, However, the concerned authorities have failed to take any action against the company.
KWSB seemed to have left the people of Karachi at the mercy of the water mafia as the board completely failed to supply water to the city and continue its water tanker service after collecting underhand payments.
Illegal trade of water in the city through legal or illegal water hydrants could not be stopped despite tall claims of the Sindh government.

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