Kundi slams KP govt over delayed salaries



Pakistan Peoples Party’s (PPP) Deputy Parliamen-tary Leader in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly Ah-med Karim Khan Kundi on Wednesday criticized the provincial government over failing to pay sala-ries to provincial public employees in time.

Talking to APP, he termed the salary crisis in the province as a tragedy and said the administrative incompetence was the main reason behind delay in payment of salaries. He said the PTI led provincial government was not even ready to talk with the federal government to get their issues resolved through Council of Common Interest (CCI) and other awards like NFC.

While bad governance, corruption in the institutions and communication gap of the provincial govern-ment with the various forums of the federal gov-ernment, nepotism and appointment of incompetent officers on key posts resulted in the delayed salaries in the province, he opined.—APP

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