ECP committed to hold fair, free transparent elections: EC Balochistan


Balochistan Election Commissioner Fayaz Hussain Murad on Wednesday said that the Election Com-mission of Pakistan is committed to hold free, fair and impartial elections in the country. Addressing a press conference here at the commission’s regional office Quetta, he said that under the supervision of ECP, electoral rolls have been published in all prov-inces including Balochisan.

“Registered voters should check the electoral rolls for necessary correc-tions and alteration of votes as transparent and flaw-less electoral rolls will guarantee holding of fair elections in the country,”

He noted that after the completion of the revi-sion process of the electoral rolls, like other parts of the country the electoral rolls have been published in all the districts of Balochistan as well.

These electoral rolls are compiled in light of Section 27 of the Elections Act, 2017 after the door-to-door veri-fication process and display centers phases. “As per final electoral rolls, a total number of voters in Ba-lochistan are 5090857.

Among these voters as many as 2212825 are female and 2807832 Male,” he said and added that these electoral rolls will be used in upcoming general elections and by-elections. Now it is the responsibil-ity of the political parties to sensitize their support-ers and general public to check their votes on 8300 and if they want to register, correct or change their vote, get the relevant form from the office of their respective District Election Commissioner or near-est Assistant Registration Officer. For this purpose, he further added that one Window Centers have been established in the offices of 34 Registration Officers i.e. District Election Commissioners and “facilitation center” in the offices of 261 Assistant Registration Officers whose detail could also be checked on INP

“It should also be noted that the process of entries, correction, transfer or deletion of names in these election lists will continue until the election sched-ule is announced,” Mr Fayaz Hussain added.—INP

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