Kitchen items’ prices ease as SPI goes down 0.43 percent


The Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI) based weekly inflation for the week ended on January 13, for the combined consumption group, witnessed decrease of 0.43 percent as compared to the previous week, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) reported.

The SPI for the week under review in the above mentioned group was recorded at 167.39 points against 168.12 points registered in the previous week, according to the PBS data.

The food commodities that contributed in decline in weekly inflation included Chicken, the prices of which declined by 3.40%, on Week-on-Week (WoW) basis.

Other food commodities that witnessed decline in prices included potatoes (1.65%), tomatoes (1.26%), wheat flour (0.61%), garlic (0.47%), sugar (0.17%) and curd (0.16%). Among non-food items, the prices of LPG went down by 1.15% during the week.

On Year-on-Year basis, the commodities that witnessed decrease in prices included tomatoes (40.82%), pulse moong (25.37%), chillies powdered (6.71%) and sugar (0.40%).

Meanwhile, the commodities that witnessed increase on WoW basis, included onions (14.65%), bananas (1.51%), firewood (1.30%) and match box (1.14%).—APP


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