Khanpur canal de-silting Citizens requested to use water carefully


The citizens have been requested to use water carefully as the supply of water from Khanpur dam to Rawalpindi city and cantonment areas has been reduced due to the de-silting project which started on Feb 15 and may lead to a shortage of water in many localities.

The Khanpur dam canal de-silting project would be completed till Feb 25. Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) Rawalpindi, Rawalpindi and Chaklala Cantonment boards have urged the residents to use water judiciously in their daily routine to avoid shortage as water supply to Cantt and city areas from Khanpur dam had decreased due to the de-silting project.

According to Managing Director (MD) WASA, Muhammad Tanveer, the Khanpur dam annual canal de-silting project would continue till Feb 25. He informed that the water supply had decreased to 3 million gallons from 6 million gallons per day during the period. He said WASA was trying to meet water demand through tube wells. WASA was also taking all possible measures to ensure supply from bowsers and tube wells to fulfill the needs of the locals while the citizens could use toll-free number 1334 or get registered their complaints at the nearest complaint centre, he added.

Rawalpindi Cantonment Board spokesman also urged the residents to avoid washing floors and cars, watering their lawns every day, and storing water to avoid facing difficulties. Water supply to the residents would normalize from Feb 27 to Feb 29 after the completion of the de-silting project, he added.