Kashmir under threat!


The ongoing spate of gruesome violence imposed by racist and fascist Indian government in India-occupied Kashmir has utterly torn us apart. Our hearts ache seeing the bloodshed and killing of innocent people at a place regarded as heaven on earth. India has never spared any effort to hegemonize Kashmiris with spine chilling atrocities and in Modi-led regime the magnitude of oppression has reached its peak. Earlier the use of widely banned cluster ammunition on Kashmir civilians caused widespread outrage followed by the revocation of Articles 35-A and 370 which is a sheer violation of Geneva Convention and International law. Resultantly, Kashmir will lose its autonomy and will be merged completely with India as a Union territory. This will bring more chaos in Kashmir already struggling for peace.
However, Indian nation strongly supports these measures and feel that this is a so-called solution to prolonged Kashmir issue. Are they really so naive to think that Kashmiris will ever forgive and forget them and will peacefully coexist with Hindus? Today, even the world has acknowledged the true essence of two nation theory.
Thus, these actions will merely aggravate the issue and will induce rebellion. Categorically, the complete capture of Kashmir has been an ulterior motive of Modi all along and this is bound to result in nothing but catastrophe. It is about time India is held accountable for all the atrocities and violations of human rights. UN and OIC must play their parts to mitigate the war-like situation in Kashmir.

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