Kashmir annexation: Larger agenda


Dr Muhammad Khan

THE Indian illegal annexation of the state of Jammu and Kashmir with Indian Union on August 5, 2019 is part of a larger and global agenda, spread from Nile River to Kashgar. This agenda is part of tracing the civilizational and religious linkages, rather adhering to the concept of nation state, being practiced, at least after decolonization in Asia and African continents. Through annexation of Kashmir and persecution of regional states, Modi is tracing the Hindu civilization and a greater India, indeed a Hindu state through Hindutva ideology of RSS. Dr James M. Dorsey, senior fellow at Nanyang Technological University’s S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, gave a very realistic picture of the new world order, driven by civilizational agenda of three countries; indeed, the incumbent leaders of these states. Entitled as, victims of the civilizational agenda; Kashmir, Xinjiang and Arab land in the Middle East, published in Qantara. The baseline analysis of the article is that, the contemporary global world is driven by the power politics of converging interests groups, against a common target; the Muslims world. Indeed, the Muslim world has three peculiarities; the enormous natural resources, the strategic location (the geopolitics) and above all, the huge and dedicated human resource, who can be motivated to do anything. Nevertheless, a perceptive and a dedicated leadership remains a serious shortfall of the Muslim world. After having clearly identified the nexus of this civilizational agenda, Dr Dorsey claims; “In dealing with recent conflicts, US President Donald J. Trump, Israeli and Indian prime ministers Benyamin Netanyahu and NarendraModi and Arab and Muslim leaders have put flesh on the skeleton of a new world order that enables civilizational leaders to violate international law with impunity.
Indeed, the new and wrought Muslim leadership, especially of the Middle Eastern region became instrumental towards accomplishment of this long awaited civilizational agenda or the new world order. Modi of India was encouraged by the unlawful move of President Trump of United States, who announced on March 21, 2019 that, Golan Heights belongs to State of Israel. President Trump defied the 52-year-old unanimously adopted UN resolution, which declared the acquisition of land during war as “inadmissibility”. Except a symbolic criticism, the Arab world largely remained silent over this US move and earlier US decision of moving its Embassy to East Jerusalem. On December 6, 2017, US President Donald Trump announced that, ‘Jerusalem is the capital of Israel’ and later shifted the US embassy which was later followed by many countries. This US move encouraged its later step of recognizing Golan Heights as part of Israel (indeed annexation of Golan Heights by Israel). This Syrian land (Golan Heights) has strategic significance for the attainment of; political and strategic objectives of Israel and United States in the future.
Both US acts were unlawful and immoral, indeed, contributory to unholy nexus between US-Israel and India. “Modi, Trump and Netanyahu are those of civilizational leaders who define the borders of their countries in terms of historical claims; representation of a civilization rather than a nation whose frontiers are determined by internationally recognised demarcation.” The larger agenda is that, the contemporary illegal state of Israel will be a Greater Israel, occupying the larger Arab land, most of them has already conceded to Israeli expansionist designs, it is matter of time now. These illegal actions of United States were indeed meant for establishment of a Greater Israeli state; the expansionist designs of Zionist state, right at the heart of Arab World. Before that, the Arab world was taken on board through various covert and overt actions which also included; the so-called Arab Spring, accusing and pressurizing the dynastic leadership for conceding to the US narratives with a heavy US military deployment on all key Arab lands.
By illegal annexation of Jammu and Kashmir with Indian Union, Modi has forgotten that, Arabs might have conceded to US and Israeli pressure under authoritarian rules, but Kashmiris would never, since they have fought for their right of self-determination with unprecedented sacrifices. Modi is trying to trace the Hindu state like Israeli Prime Minister is tracing the history of Jews in Middle East. The illegal annexation of Kashmir by India is indeed, a beginning of a new and unending conflict in South Asia. It has its linkages with Israel and powerful Jewish lobby all over the world. Kashmiris and Pakistan will never reconcile with this Indian aggression. In case India remains reluctant to continue with its illegal act in occupied Jammu and Kashmir, there will be no peace in the region and owing to nuclear dimension, the region may find serious repercussions of a nuclear war in the days to come. In such an event, there will be a direct threat to global peace and security. The sooner, United Nations, the US and other power centres realize this; the better it would be to avoid a catastrophic war. The larger agenda of civilisational domination by India and its strategic partners may trigger an all-out war with India becoming a prey itself. Therefore, world must give Kashmiris, their due right, the right of self-determination.
— The writer is Professor of Politics and International Relations at International Islamic University, Islamabad.

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