Karak, Tank devastated by rains, people start to relocate


Rainwater seeped into homes, streets and shops as heavy monsoon rains wreaked havoc in several areas of Takht-e-Nasrati in Karak.

People were forced to move out in the open due to water entering their houses and damaging everything inside. The administration is completely absent, whereas people are engaged in self-help relief activities.

Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department has forecast more rains, which could cause massive damage. Takht-e-Nusrati’s streets, bazaars and neighborhoods offer views of streams and ponds.

On the other hand, the flood victims in Tank started relocating. The KP government has declared Pai calamity hit area. About 70% of the houses in Pai, the largest village in the district, have been flooded. The closure of drinking tube wells in the area has created a water crisis.—INP

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