Jan Jamali accuses Sindh of keeping Balochistan deprived of water


Regretting that keeping Balochistan deprived of its due share in water resources by the Sindh government had led to a crisis in the province, Balochistan Assembly (BA) Speaker and acting governor of the province Mir Jan Muhammad Jamali said on Wednesday that it was unfortunate that repeated calls by the province for its share was merely a wastage of time.

He regretted that the attitude of the Sindh government towards Balochistan was not that of a ‘brother’. “That is why it is not willing to give us our share in water resources,” he complained. He went on to say that the capacity of Pat Feeder Canal, which was originally 8,200 cusecs of water, was first reduced to 7,200 cusecs, then to 6,700 cusecs, and now it had been shrunk to 4,000 cusecs.— INP


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