Karachi woman lands in jail for ‘assaulting’ DSP


KARACHI – A woman who slapped and roughed up Karachi DSP has been arrested by Karachi police in the latest action.

A clip of the incident went viral in which the enraged woman can be seen hurling threats and even manhandling an aging police officer, after being stopped for flashing fancy number plates and tinted glasses.

As the clip of the disgraceful event went viral on social media, a case was registered at the Civil Lines police station and cops started conducting raids at her residence; she however managed to escape.

The woman was not at her residence during the action, while Karachi police managed to nab her two days after a case was filed against her on the application of the police official.

A picture of the woman now released by Karachi police shows her standing in front of a police height chart.

The incident reportedly occurred at the PID traffic section in the Sindh capital. The clip sparked outrage among social media users on the microblogging platform in wake of a woman’s vicious behavior against law enforcement personnel.

Furious woman slaps Karachi  DSP after being stopped