Furious woman slaps Karachi police DSP after being stopped over fancy number plate (VIDEO)


In a shocking incident from the country’s largest city Karachi, a furious woman assaulted a Deputy Superintendent of Sindh police who stopped her over an illegal registration plate and tinted glasses.

The matter surfaced as a clip shot by a handheld device filmed a woman, who can be seen resisting a police officer after being stopped for flashing tinted glasses and a fancy number plate.

After a verbal spat, the women roughed up the police official, apparently a senior citizen, in a bid to escape after the heated argument. It further shows her hurling threats at the on-duty officer while attempting to escape from the cops.

Another traffic cop was spotted in the clip, which took no action against the fuming woman.

The incident reportedly occurred at the PID traffic section in the Sindh capital. The clip sparked outrage among social media users on the microblogging platform in wake of a woman’s vicious behavior against law enforcement personnel.

Besides doing rounds on the internet, the local media also catches the air of the viral incident and it made headlines.

This is a developing story and will be updated later.