Bus hostess ‘critical after being raped’ in moving bus near Vehari


LAHORE – In a shocking incident in Punjab, a security guard sexually assaulted a bus hostess in the moving vehicle near Vehari’s suburb area, police said Saturday.

The victim is said to be in critical condition after being raped and beaten on a moving bus en route to Vehari, a city around 300 km from the provincial capital Lahore.

In a statement, local police lodged a case and detained the suspect, Sheraz, who reportedly locked the bus before sexually assaulting the female bus hostess moving without passengers.

Sheraz, identified as the guard, subjected the female staffer to sexual violence with the help of the driver, who locked the doors and did not stop the unfilled coach.

Following the case, the local cops also detained the suspect and the bus driver, while further proceedings are underway.

The heinous incident casts a spotlight on sexual assault in the fifth most populous nation, with human rights activists calling for stern action against offenders.

The incident comes on the heels of another gang rape in the country’s federal capital, where two men sexually assaulted a woman in the F-9 park.

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