Karachi is an abandoned city


Irfan Aligi

Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal said that he has been accused of unlawful allotment of a plot of land while the fact is that neither any sort of allotment was made nor he had any powers to exercise in that context and hence the overall case is baseless as it never occurred in his life. It is just like someone is alleged of murder of a particular person while he is still alive.
He was talking to the newsmen outside the national Accountability Court here in Karachi, Saturday. While speaking on other anomalies that have gripped this mega city, the revenue engine of Pakistan, the port city of Karachi, Kamal said that it happens today that the apex court has to intervene in even petty issues while those mega issues are out questions. The apex court has to take suo moto notice of a dog-bite case, as well, which is so deplorable on the part of the civil administration.
The PSP Chairman Kamal said that people are starving due to skyrocketing prices of common men’s commodities and even they are on the verge of starvation and are forced to commit suicide.
On the issue of corruption in the country, he was of the opinion that the menace of corruption has despite gigantic measure for curbing by the federal government, it has drastically spread in nook and cranny of departments and instead it should have been curbed the rates of bribe have immensely increased.
There is everywhere a panic-like situation and widespread unrest everywhere and it is uncertain which direction the country is being driven to. The menace of corruption is eating the country like termites and even the funds for the procurement of astray dog culling poison is also being embezzled. Nobody is concerned on ten to twenty deaths from rabies that resulted from astray dog bites. There are numerous dog bite cases being reported daily in Karachi but the anti-rabies vaccines and dog culling steps are missing.
He said that the Prime Minister had during his visit to Karachi avoided meeting the people of the city and he had described a variety of key issues of Karachi that he forgot with this return of Islamabad such as issuance of CNIC to Afghans and Bengalis, lack of Master Plan for the port city, which he (PSP Chairman) had personally prepared when he was the Nazim of the city in 2007. The Karachi Package to the tune of Rs.162bln is yet to come to the city, he deplored, adding that the pm had inaugurated a university for Hyderabad city at PM House in Islamabad and the University is still being looked for on ground.
He said that deaths from electrocution due to ineligibility of K-Electric are rampant in the city while the PM could not ask his friend, Arif Naqvi of K-Electric as what he was doing with the people of Karachi.
Kamal said that Karachi needs greater water supply project, K-IV but sadly the Sindh provincial government has decided to close that programme after spending Rs.25bln on it and the contractors heavily benefited in this project.
The PSP Chairman said that the provincial government is making attempts to privatise the Karachi water and sewerage Board while water facility has never been kept on hands of private operators across the world. This act would be tantamount to collective suicide, he deplored.