Karachi Declaration demands 15pc revenue for city



Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Karachi has unveiled its Vision 2023-2027 for the progress and development of the mega city, here on Sunday at the much awaited Karachi Declaration Convention, demanding 15 percent of the revenue collected by Karachi as the city contributes 95 and 55 percent respectively to the budget for the Sindh and the centre.

JI Karachi Ameer Engr Hafiz Naeemur Rehman has announced the vision of the JI for the next five years. According to the Vision 2023-2027, tertiary care hospitals in each district, chest pain centers and welfare diagnostic centers will be established in each and every town of the city. In order to address the transportation crises in the city, the Vision suggest a comprehensive mass transit system with light train, circular railway and restoration of the network of roads and underpass, apart from a fleet of thousands of busses.

The vision also addresses the chronic water crises in the city and vow to complete S-3 and K-4 water supply projects. It also emphasizes to devise a master plan for the city, catering its needs for the next five decades. For the trade and industry sector, the JI’s Vision suggest restoration of supportive infrastructure on war footing basis, proper provision of water and sewerage facilities, and mechanism for supply of gas and electricity. It also suggests to review the scope and mechanism for the KDA, MDA and LDA. The JI also demanded of the government to place all these authorities under the city government.

It also addressed the issue of sports in the city and suggested sports complex, other facilities and talent hunt programs in each and every district of the mega city.

Talking about the Karachi Declaration, Engr Naeemur Rehman highlighted the deadliest street crimes and skyrocketing lawlessness in the city and demanded of the government to make it easy for the citizen to acquire license and legal weapons for self-defense.He said that the JI would be establishing a dedicated cell to counter the menace of narcotics in the society in general and educational institutes in particular. The cell will be taking the police, Rangers and other law enforcement agencies onboard in order to ensure punitive action against the narcotics mafia.

He said that the government was ruining the public health and educational institutes. He directed the party cadres to constitute committees in order to oversee the health and educational facilities. He also demanded dedicated busses for students (points) and decrease in educational expenditure. On the occasion, he said that 21000 youth have registered themselves in the JI’s volunteer program. He continued that the JI workers and volunteers will come forward to ensure corruption free dealing in governmental offices that becomes hub of bribery and corruption. He also announced to launch a campaign against corrupt and bogus housing societies and builders. Talking about livelihood, he said that the JI will be facilitating 100 thousand youth in order to equip them with skills and provision of job opportunities.

The JI leader demanded of those in the corridors of powers to empower the local government setup, bring an end to quota system, and hold fresh census in Karachi. He also demanded of the government to also bring an end to recruit public sector employees on the bases of fake domiciles. He also demanded direct election of the city mayor and to scrap the Local Government Act 2013 as it violates the Article 140-A of the constitution of Pakistan.

On the occasion, the JI also presented the women charter, suggesting two dedicated universities for women in the city. The women charter also demands secure, economical, honorable and dedicated transport facilities, recreational centers, for women and emphasized to resolve the issue of gender based unequal salaries.