Kandahar wins national buzkashi league competition


The third buzkashi league tournament ended in Kabul after competitions were held among 16 teams from various provinces.

The league competition lasted over 10 days. Kandahar and Kunduz faced off for the championship match on Sunday. Kandahar beat Kunduz 2-0 to win the championship.

“Our people’s prayers were with us. We had good horses and good management and we become the champions,” said Faisal Hassan, a member of the Kandahar team.

A number of athletes and residents of the country urged sports departments to support such traditional games.

“Our request of the Islamic Emirate is to hold such traditional games regularly,” said Meraj, a Kabul resident.

Sport officials said they are committed to supporting such games in the country. “After this, we will try to hold competitions in different zones of the country,” said Fahim Nazari, deputy head of the Buzkashi Federation.

“The government is ready to support such games. The National Olympic Committee’s job is to support and promote such traditional games,” Ahmadullah Wasiq, director of National Radio and Television said.

“Our colleagues have noted the problems in the league and will solve them in the coming leagues,” said Nazar Mohammad Mutmaeen, acting director of the Olympic Committee.

Meanwhile, the Kunduz and Kandahar teams were declared winners after winning equal points in a controversial and intense final match of the second year of a Buzkashi league in Kabul.

Buzkashi riders from 16 provinces competed in the league for a week.

The final match continued for five hours and led to equal points from both teams, but eventually, Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum intervened and announced both teams as winners with 3-3 equal points.

Dostum, who is a big fan of Buzkashi, said the sport should not be politicized.


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