Kamran takes charge of Pakistan’s largest IPP, Hubco


Hubco, Pakistan’s largest IPP has announced the appointment of Kamran Kamal as its new CEO. Kamran has succeeded Khalid Mansoor who led the company for eight years.

Kamran has already been a part of Hubco for the past 6 years as the CEO of Laraib Energy Limited, a hydel subsidiary of the Company.

Previously, he held the position of Vice President China Power Hub Generation Company (CPHGC), a joint venture between HUBCO & China Power International Holding (CPIH).

Kamran’s appoint-ment as the new CEO (from within the Company) is a testament of confidence of Hubco’s shareholders in its home-grown talent.

“Pakistan’s energy landscape is full of possibilities. HUBCO’s unparalleled technical expertise.

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