Kakri Ground to be rebuilt under Neighborhood Project: Wahab


Adviser to CM for Law, Environment and Coastal DevelopmentBarrister Murtaza Wahab has said Lyari’sKakri Ground will be rebuilt and beautified under the Karachi Neighbourhood Project so that the people of Lyari and surrounding areas can benefit from it.


“PPP’s Sindh government is continuing public service and welfare work under the direction of its leadership. The way is being paved for the participation of dual nationals in the elections in the country.”


He was talking to media after the inauguration of Shah Rasool Terrace Gardenin Old Clifton area on Friday.


A large number of local PPP leaders and citizens were present on the occasion. Wahab said that Shah Rasool Colony is a very old area of South District, adding in the past, no one could have imagined that there would be such a park in Katchi Abadi.


This park has existed for a long time but its doors were closed to the public. PPP won the elections in 2018. He said that the renovation and renovation of the park by the South Municipality is the work of the Sindh government. The people of the area are helping the DMC. He said that the weeping authorities did not intend to work for the same authorities.


Wahab said that the people are requested to take over this park now. The Sindh government is doing development work in Karachi and will continue to do so as the party leadership has directed that the problems of the people are our first priority.


Replying to a question, the adviser said that the mandate of the people had been stolen by someone else due to which problems were arising.


He said that Kakri Ground would be rebuilt under Karachi Neighborhood Project. Kakri Ground is a historic ground


Wahab said in response to another question efforts are being made to maintain lasting law and order in Karachi and no untoward incident should take place. He said that PTI MPs If they read Article 63A, they will know everything, but their misfortune is that they take action without reading it and later regret it.


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