JKMM urges world to redouble efforts for Kashmir solution


The Jammu and Kashmir Mass Movement (JKMM) has urged the world community to increase its efforts for settlement of the Kashmir dispute as per the United Nations resolutions.

The JKMM Voice Chairman, Abdul Majeed Mir in a statement issued in Islamabad said that the United Nations and the world powers had either forgotten the Kashmir dispute or they were deliberately ignoring it even though it is one of the oldest unresolved disputes on the UN agenda.

He said that India had enforced black laws like Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) and Public Safety Act (PSA) in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir to kill innocent and unarmed Kashmiris.

He pointed out that thousands of Kashmiri youth had been picked up by Indian forces after being labelled as militants on mere suspicion.

The youth are subjected to the worst forms of torture in the investigation centres where many are martyred and are declared as militants and buried in anonymous graves, he deplored.

Abdul Majeed said that the unmarked graves of Kashmiri youth, martyred in custody, were spread in remote areas of the territory while families were waiting for their return.

He said that India had failed to suppress the Kashmiris’ freedom sentiment despite using all cheap tactics.

He said, the people of Pakistan stand by their Kashmiri brethren and continue to support their struggle for freedom morally, diplomatically and politically.—INP

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