Jirga gives two minor girls as penalty over love marriage in Jacobabad


Jacobabad, an ancient city in southern Pakistan, came under light after a jirga decided to give two minor girls as penalty for the love marriage of their parents.

Jirga, an assembly of tribal elders, continued to follow old-age traditions as it took up the matter of love marriage in the Thull district of Jacobabad.

It was learnt that a widow woman Hajira Mangi married a man Dadu Mangi of her own will while the couple has two daughters from previous marriages. The parents of a 30-year-old woman claimed that she got hitched without their permission, calling it a case of Karo Kari and urged Sardar Zulfiqar Khan Sarki to announce a decision on the matter.

The members then held a private jirga and gave two girls, aged nearly eight years, in marriage as a punishment after the duo decided against taking permission from their family members.

In a botched attempt to give justice to Hajira’s family, her daughter, and stepdaughter, were handed over to Hajira’s brothers and married off as the family decided.

Jirga members also slapped a fine of Rs200,000 on the couple to tie the knot by their choice.

Let it be known that Supreme Court declared jirgas and panchayats illegal and are in violation of the country’s international commitments however no end to local Jirgas as locals still believe in the old tradition.