It’s two men, no, one . . !



QUITE often some public figure like Trump or many in our own country caught in the public glare while having a rollicking time with someone other than their wife, exclaim, “Leave my private life alone!”

What they mean is that they’ve got two lives, one for the public eye and the other not for us to look at. And it is only their public life that should be scrutinized, not the private one!

Here we have MPs who talk about women empowerment but have a wife and also a mistress living in two different homes with two sets of children, both waiting to greet him after his speech. “Did you like my speech?” he asks his wife, and she smiles, maybe a sad one albeit. “How was my speech?” he asks his mistress as his two daughters born out of wedlock squeal all over him and she replies, “What a forceful voice you have!” Yes, what a forceful public voice he has!

What a voice we all have! Because that is what the public is meant to see. But should we accept the fact his private life cannot come under the scanner? Let’s throw our moral spectacles away and look at it logically: Is it a different man who speaks on women empowerment and another watching porn on his phone?

Is it a different man who runs a ruthless business and another who wants to get elected so he can fight for issues relevant to the common man? “Hey doc, is that one man or two?” “I’m just a GP not an ophthalmologist, but can’t you see it’s just one man?”

So that’s confirmed, it’s the same man! Now tell me, logically, if that man cheats in his private domain, won’t he do the same in the public one? Of course he will. Like the good ole doc we just asked said, “It’s the same man!” Why then are we shocked to see that the criminal whom we voted for, is now looting public money? Why are we so outraged when a committee member in our own managing committees takes us for a ride on a redevelopment project?

Didn’t we see his dishonesty in his private life? Can’t we see it in the way he treats his wife or daughter? Or did we trust the public man and not the private fellow?

It’s time we understood that there can be no distinction between public life and ‘unpublic’ life. It’s the same life, the same man or woman, and what you see here, you will see there. “Right doc?” “Like I Told you I’m not an ophthalmologist, but seriously, are you all blind?”


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