Israeli intransigence

AS the world is pushing for a just solution of the Middle East problem, the Jewish State is persisting with its intransigence and complicating the issue further. In the latest move, Israeli Parliament has passed a draft bill that could legalise thousands of Jewish homes built on privately owned Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank, a measure that has drawn condemnation even by the United States. The bill, which was passed on Wednesday by a vote of 58-50, would apply to more than 2,000 Jewish homes built illegally in the occupied West Bank.
The measure must now pass through three readings in Parliament and also be ratified by the Supreme Court before it can become law but given the track record of mischief-mongering by the Jewish State; it is a foregone conclusion that it would ultimately be enacted inflicting serious blow to prospects of a peaceful solution of the conflict. Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank are considered illegal under international law and have been a major stumbling block in negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis. As Palestinians want all settlements and outposts to be removed from the West Bank and East Jerusalem, which they seek for a future Palestinian State, it is understood that their legalisation would push the two sides further away from talks and the prospects for peaceful settlement of the issue. It is regrettable that international community is silently watching this development. Though countries like the US and Britain have expressed concern over Tel Aviv move but all this is confined to mere rhetoric and no practical measures are envisaged to prevent Israel to tread a path that leads to possible destruction. All countries of the world especially those having influence on Israel should urge it to reconsider the land regulation bill at the earliest.

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