Islamic Emirate leader seeks good relations with int’l community




The supreme leader of the Islamic Emirate, Mawlawi Hebatullah Akhundzada, in an Eid message said that the Islamic Emirate seeks good relations with the international community including the US.

The Islamic Emirate’s leader ensured neighboring countries that the Afghan soil will not be used against any country and that the Islamic Emirate expects other countries to not interfere in Afghanistan’s internal affairs.

“We assure our neighbors, the region and the world that we will not allow anyone to use our territory to threaten the security of other countries. We also want other countries not to interfere in our internal affairs,” he said in a message. “Within the framework of mutual interaction and commitment, we want good, diplomatic, economic and political relations with the world, including the United States, and we consider this in the interest of all sides.”

Deputy spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, Bilal Karimi, said that the Islamic Emirate wants good relations with the international community based on Islamic values.

“The policy of the Islamic Emirate is that the Islamic Emirate wants good and positive relations with the world countries and the international community, considering the national and Islamic values,” he said.

Mawlawi Akhundzada also referred to the importance of education in the message.

“The Islamic Emirate pays attention to education, with special emphasize on religious as well as modern studies for children, the Islamic Emirate understands its importance and will work hard for its further enhancement,” he said.

“It is better that the Islamic Emirate make a clear stance towards the world.

The Islamic Emirate may address the wishes of the world through diplomatic ways, which is to prevent threats from Afghan soil and the formation of an inclusive government in Afghanistan,” said Hamid Aziz Mujahdidi, a university instructor.

This comes as the acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Amir Khan Muttaqi, said that the Islamic Emirate’s relations with international countries are being improved.

“We are now trying to see how to bring Afghanistan and our institutions close to other countries and how to bring benefit to the country and how to prevent Afghanistan from becoming a competition spot,” he said.

This comes as no country has thus far recognized the Islamic Emirate.

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