Islamabad safe city project introduces multiple steps for secure environment

City Reporter

Islamabad Safe City project has taken multiple measures during the last two years including the introduction of an effective digital system to maintain a secure environment for the community by controlling crime and also monitoring traffic effectively.

With the increase in the population of Islamabad, effective digital systems are required to maintain a secure city environment for the community.

After the handing over the safe city project to Islamabad police by NADRA in 2019, the police sources said that it has been focused to achieve more effective public safety incident tracking and response, reduce traffic violations and improve behaviors; and overall better transparency and automation in police operations by using state of the art city-wide infrastructure, systems, and new operational processes run from new integrated communication, command and control center.

Since July 2019, Islamabad police introduced smart cars in the Federal Capital for on-ground surveillance while the e-challan System has been made functional.

When the project was handed over to Islamabad police, 40 percent of cameras were in working condition while the ratio has been increased, and presently 98% of cameras are functional.

Likewise, seven eLTE towers out of 20 Towers were functional at the time of handing taking over while 18 eLTE Towers are now fully functional.

A proposal for the installation of additional 4500 cameras has been prepared and submitted to the Ministry of Interior for approval.

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