Islamabad educational institutions resume classes from today FDE’s schools poorly prepared as over 200 teachers on deputation stand relieved

Zubair Qureshi

All the 423 schools working under the Federal Directorate of Education are resuming classes from Monday (today) as classes from pre-primary to matric are resuming after a break of almost two-and-a-half months.

Meanwhile, the FDE management has been conveyed by the principals and heads of these schools, particularly those where deputation teachers were performing their duties that it has become an uphill task for them to conduct classes in the absence of those teachers.

Recently, the FDE has repatriated over 200 teachers from its schools taking a stance that Islamabad High Court has ordered the directorate to do so. On the other hand, according to the teachers on deputation, the court’s order has not given any such directions to the directorate and only a few officials of the FDE are misleading the Director General , Secretary and even the Minister for Education.

They are award-winning teachers performing their duties in the schools that come under the federal directorate’s jurisdiction and their services have been abruptly cut short by the FDE despite the fact they joined under the wedlock policy that is not meant for a specific period.

“The FDE has mentioned in our repatriation letters that we were on deputation period which is for five years. We joined the FDE schools under wedlock policy that is for an indefinite period,” said Ms Nusrat, one of the teachers who have been staging protests outside the National Press Club and the Parliament House for the last three weeks. Since the day we received repatriation letters we have been drawing the authorities’ attention towards the fact that we have lost our lien back in the provinces from where we have come to join Islamabad schools but no one listening to us, she further said.
These teachers’ woes have been multiplied in recent days as the federal government under the cover of the court’s order is adamant to send them back.

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