Islamabad Citizens Committee stresses need to resolve issues confronting capital including its beautification


Mr Gauhar Zahid Malik assures full support to committee in its endeavours

Staff Reporter

Islamabad Citizens Committee and media can play positive role in further increasing the beauty of federal capital Islamabad and addressing some of its issues including supply of clean drinking water, security.

These views were expressed by a delegation of ICC comprising of Syed Muhammad Siddique Hassan – the President, Shafiq Ali Siddiqui – the vice president, Shamsul Haq Awan General Secretary and Ch Tahir Mahmood, Information Secretary which met Gauhar Zahid Malik Executive Editor, Pakistan Observer and Executive Secretary, Nazriya Pakistan Council (Trust) in the office of Pakistan Observer.

Gauhar Zahid Malik assured full support for beautification of Islamabad. He said being capital of Pakistan, Islamabad should be a model city for rest of the country.

In this regard, the Executive Editor of Pakistan Observer said awareness should be created among general public for cleanness of the city.

The ICC team expressed concern over not giving proper attention towards the beauty of Islamabad.

Syed Muhammad Siddique said that the ICC was formed in 1977 by the planners of Islamabad under the leadership of Syed Shakir Hassan.

Engineer Daud Khokhar, Shafi Niaz former adviser to the President, Shamsul Mulk former Chairman WAPDA, Mazhar Rafi former Federal Secretary and Chairman CDA, M Aftab Ahmad former MD APP, Vice Admiral (R) Ahmad Tasneem, Fateh Muhammad Choudhri, former Sr. Advisor World Bank, Air Marshal (R) Ayaz Ahmad Khan were the pioneers.

The ICC made remarkable achievements like providing independent status to Islamabad. Initially, Islamabad was under Punjab Government and was being controlled from Rawalpindi.

The first task was undertaken by ICC to separate Islamabad from Rawalpindi and to acknowledge its independent status. This job was done and Islamabad enjoyed independent status.

The ICC introduced a transport system wherein drivers were of scale 17 with master qualification to elevate the standard of transportation maintaining the standard of capital.

Foreign ministers of OIC were hosted by ICC during their meeting in Islamabad which increased brotherly relations with foreign ministers of Islamic countries.

Though the ICC made some success but further work including water supply, security, encroachments, traffic engineering, one way traffic in major markets and many more required continues and hectic efforts.

The ICC delegation informed the Executive Editor Pakistan Observer Gauhar Zahid Malik about these concerns.

Gauhar Zahid Malik appreciate the steps already taken by the ICC and said Islamabad is important city of Pakistan where people belonging to all provinces were living.

Apart from it, he said the embassies of all foreign countries were in Islamabad. “We have to keep our city neat and clean.”

“We should work together for our common objectives, i.e. resolving of basic issues of our citizens,” he maintained.

The Executive Editor of Pakistan Observer further said if general public supports the civic body in beautification of the city, there is no question that Islamabad would be the model city.

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