Ishratul Ebad talks over LG law protest with Nasir Shah


Former governor Ishratul Ebad and Sindh’s minister Nasir Shah have discussed local government law and other issues in a telephonic conversation on Monday.

According to sources Ebad, a former governor of Sindh presently based in UAE, while talking on the political situation of Sindh and expressed his concern over the ongoing protest against the local government law, recently passed from the Sindh Assembly.

“In a local government system, subordinate institutions used to be pride of a government,” ex-governor said. “Taking back powers of hospitals and academic institutions is a matter of concern,” he further said.

“The government of Sindh should strengthen the local government system with improvement in institutions and provision of funds,” he suggested. “Hopefully the Sindh government will review the amendments in local council’s law and try to make it better,” he said.

He also advised the government to get the parties protesting over the local government act into confidence.

“The government will keep these recommendations before it while taking a decision for the development of Sindh and strengthening of the local government,” Nasir Shah replied to Ishratul Ebad.

He however said that the institutions have not been snatched but the decision has been made to make them functional.


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