Malala Yousafzai is reportedly ready to dabble in Pakistan women’s cricket after expressing her interest in purchasing a team in the “Pakistan women’s League”.

The Nobel Peace Prize Laureate has shown great affection for cricket herself and through her husband, Asser Malik, who is associated with the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). Her work for the welfare of women and her love for the game, make this a perfect match.

Malala Yousafzai also met the members of the Pakistan women’s cricket team last year in a show of support. During that visit, she expressed her interest in owning a team during the inaugural season of the Pakistan Women’s League which was an initiative of the former head of PCB, Ramiz Raja.

The bidding for which was supposed to take place in October but the idea never gained any real traction.

Instead of getting a whole separate tournament that was supposed to be played alongside season 8 of the Pakistan Super League, PCB could only arrange three exhibition matches to gauge the interest of the general public in the idea.

The three games between the Super Women and the Amazons saw participation from several international players as well.

Now it looks like the idea might be back on PCB’s radar and Malala is ready to be one of the foundation stones of the project.