IRVI starts edu tourism for exploring architecture



Indus River Valley Institute (IRVI) has initiated edutourism based on exposure visits and architecture exploration in federal capital for debunking colonial history of the subcontinent that is home to the world’s unique culture, traditions, heritage, arts and linguistics.

The IRVI has adopted a unique stratagem to transform a mundane activity into an exciting learning experience through travelling to archaic heritage sites, map reading, drawing, sitting in natural environment without any chair and layers with bare feet to redevelop a connection with the ancient buildings not merely a structure of stones and bricks rather the heritage of their ancestors lost after the advent of British colonial rule. Founder, IRVI, Zain Mustafa told APP that there was no clear definition to the term “Cultural Diversity of Pakistan” because no one ever dared to dig out the history beyond Mughals and British. The region of the subcontinent where Pakistan existed today was one of the most diverse, culturally rich area as it was the custodian of Indus Valley and Mehrgarh Civilizations that existed along the mighty Indus River and there only purpose was to guard the waters, he added. Over the past 4,000-5,000 years, numerous dynasties emerged and wiped out from the scene with the region tasting colours of different languages, arts, customs and science that shaped this area into a different region with every passing century, Zain Mustafa said.