Iran raises objection on DPP’s approved HWT plants for Inland Mango imports


Zubair Yaqoob


Iran has raised objections to several hot water treatment plants shown by the Department of Plant Protection (DPP) for the arrival of mangoes from Pakistan, stress has also been revealed. According to the reports, a high level delegation of Iran’s Quarantine Department visited Pakistan on the last day where hot water treatment plants were installed by DPP in different cities for the Iranian Department of Quarantine’s departure from Pakistan to Iran. Has been visited, according to sources, the delegation of the Iranian Department of Quarantine visited a total of 19 hot water treatment plants, while in the initial report sent to the DPP on the return of Iran, only 4/5 plants were satisfactory. There has been an indication of pressure from some influential quarters for the approval of these plants. In reality, if such plants are brought into the stream, mango exports can have a negative impact and at the same time Iran could also place a ban on import of Pakistani mangoes.
On the other hand, a preliminary report sent by the Iranian Department of Plant Quarantine by the Department of Plant Protection is being intentionally suppressed. And efforts are being made to get the approval of these plants from the Iranian authorities. Initial report sent by the Iranian authorities gives interesting remarks regarding a hot water treatment plant in Quetta by the DPP.
According to a transcript obtained by the report, the Iranian quarantine department expressed its astonishment at the hot water treatment planted in Quetta, saying that in an area where mango is not cultivated and it is at a distance from mango producing areas. Yes, the installation of a hot water treatment plant is a surprise, Iranian authorities raised another objection to this hot water treatment plant in Quetta, saying that the plant is located near the fruit and vegetable market and fulfilled the location requirements regarding the installation of a hot water treatment plant. Does not land, Iranian officials, in their report, described the plant as a complete failure, saying that those who installed the plant had no previous experience of hot water treatment, on the other hand, Dr. Falak Naz, Director General of the Department of Plant Protection.
Confirming a preliminary report sent by the Iranian Department of Quarantina, it rejected the impression that objections were raised at the plants. He said that the Iranian department quarantine has not yet made a final decision in this regard, while the preliminary report did not provide any plant-related remarks, but according to the preliminary report available, the Iranian department quarantine showed the DPP.
Raises serious objections to certain live plants and especially planted in Quetta, Dr. Falak Naz’s refusal to state that further objections, saying that even if minor objections were raised on a plant, they would be removed while those plants which did not meet the DPP standard would not be approved. He added that the DPP aims at maximizing the revenue Access to the mango market in Iran is to be provided, but the standards and regulations of the DPP will be fully considered in this regard.

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