Int’l community adopting double standards on Kashmir issue


Analysts on Saturday said International community is just focusing on its trade and economic relations with India that indicates that it is adopting double standards.
Defense Analyst Abdullah Gul said the silence of international community even knowing the truth is surprising. The response of international community is not positive as far as Kashmir issue is concerned.
Talking in Radio program he said, Pakistan has managed to internationalize Kashmir issue and mobilize the international community over this issue to a great extent yet the response and reaction of the international community is disappointing. Once Narendra Modi was declared as Butcher of Gujrat but now American President considered him as a friend, he added.
He said, the fact is that trade market of India is big attraction for the world. “We have still hopes that with the help of Allah Almighty the Kashmiri people will get for what they have been striving for the last seventy years. The need of the time is that Foreign Minister should have been spending more time travelling to other countries to apprise them of the situation in Kashmir.”
United Nations members did express concern over the appalling human rights situation in occupied Kashmir, but the outcome appears to have been exaggerated.
He said, the pro-Indian voices in Kashmir have been no more there after illegal action taken by India. “Now, Kashmiris are raising slogans in favor of Pakistan”, he said.
Pakistan is expressing restraint against Indian aggressiveness but if there is war between two nuclear states, the consequences will be beyond expectations. While Brigadier (retd) Said Nazir said, Narendra Modi and his Hindutva mindset
has left Kashmiris with no other option but to continue their freedom struggle with full devotion. “We believe that the sacrifices of Kashmiris for their right to self-determination will not go waste. Kashmiris have hopes with Pakistan”, he said.—APP

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