Situation within context of Police Reforms reviewed


Staff Reporter

The Retired Chief Secretaries Committee in their meeting held here on Saturday reviewed the situation emerging from the developments taking place within the context of Police Reforms.
The meeting took exception to the fierce criticism of some retired police officers against the civil servants, of DMG/PAS cadre, which is being transmitted through the media, electronic media in particular.
It was stated that it was highly undesirable and unsavory to pit one occupational group against the other to thwart the policy process, meant to address some serious issues of Peace and Order.
Addressing issues of public importance through the process of Public Policy Formulation is the prerogative of the Government. Civil servants are required to contribute to the process through their professional expertise and experience. Their input is further scrutinized by the higher offices which overview the entire process. Targeting the civil servants for any such intervention of the Government is highly deplorable.
The Police Order 2002 was promulgated by the Government and its Amendments would also be incorporated by the Government, from time to time. Neither any civil servant could dishonestly add any content suiting his Service Interests nor would any senior echelon of the Government allow anyone to make any such attempt.
It was urged that voids existing with regard to accountability mechanism in the system of Policing ought to be addressed without any delay, as they spring from the public concern.
Public Servants, of any Cadre, under no circumstances, should act as a Pressure Group, as they are required to discharge their assigned duties, efficiently, under the Civil Servants Act and to protect Public Interest and not their personal or Group Interests.

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