International support for women’s empowerment UNESCAP Rep. takes view of programmes


Ashraf Ansari

ASEAN Sub-Regional Coordinator, Ms Chularat Israngkool Na Ayutthaya has taken view of programmes being undertaken by various voluntary organisations for empowerment of women in Pakistan. She visited Islamabad and other places to assess the quality and effectiveness of such programmes.
In an interview with daily Pakistan Observer, Ms. Chularat said she had been impressed by the dedicated efforts of Pakistani women for the empowerment of less-fortunate female folks.
She said she was pleased to note that women empowerment programmes in Pakistan were no longer confined to imparting traditional skills to the females. Now the programmes had also been designed to impart more marketable skills such as IT, hospitality, office management, fitness and driving.
Ms. Chularat said there was vast scope for undertaking programmes to impart skills to the women in Pakistan. She thought awareness among Pakistani women was growing for attainment of financial independence and to contribute to socio-economic progress of their country. She assured Pakistani women of her personal support in pursuit of empowerment programmes.
Apart from holding office of ASEAN Sub-Regional Coordinator, Ms. Chularat is also Chair, Asia-Pacific Twinning Taskforce and Vice President Bpw Bangkok-Thailand as well as Representative of UNESCAP.
Mrs. Farukh Khan MNA who was present during the interview, thanked Ms. Chularat Israngkool Na Ayutthaya for her support to women empowerment programmes in Pakistan and her guidance and encouragement.