Large numbers of Afghan youth without visas continue to leave country


An official of a passenger transport company said his company transfers up to “1,500” youth each day to Nimroz, which borders Iran.

The youth say that because of economic challenges they have to leave the country.

Nawed Ahmad says he has been looking for a job for a year and decided to cross the border.

“There is work but not for us, if you don’t know anyone them no one will give you work,” said Nawed Ahmad.

“Up to fifty-five passengers go in each car, some of them are with families and some of them are alone,” said Mohammad Nayem, head of a passenger company.

Some of these passengers said hat they have been deported several times from Iran.

“I want to go illegally because I am going for work–I have economic issues,” said Naqeeb Ullah, an immigrant forcibly deported.

“We know that the situation along the way is bad, and there are a lot of challenges, but there is no other way we can go,” said Saqed, an immigrant forcibly deported.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees also expressed concerns about Afghan refugees who were forcibly deported from other countries, especially Iran and Pakistan.

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