Inquiry into irregularities EPD names controversial officer as focal person



Amraiz Khan

The Punjab Anti-Corruption has launched an investigation into a petition filed by the Environment Secretary against the irregularities in the Punjab Environment Protection Department (EPD).

However, contrary to the petition, the Environment Department has appointed Deputy Director Environment Naseemur Rehman Shah as the focal person for anti-corruption inquiry.

According to details, the Anti-Corruption Establishment has launched a probe into the petition filed by the environment secretary against irregularities in the environment department.

But, the environment secretary nominated Naseemur Rehman Shah as focal person for inquiry.

Former deputy director environment Azhar Iqbal has sent a letter to the Anti-Corruption Establishment, expressing strong reservations about the appointment of Naseemur Rehman as the focal person.

The letter reads that NAB has been investigating Deputy Director Naseemur Rehman Shah for the last ten years.

“Naseemur Rehman Shah has also been an OSD while cases against Naseemur Rehman Shah are still pending with the NAB.

Naseemur Rehman Shah’s nomination for anti-corruption inquiry will affect the inquiry process,” the letter added.

The letter also said that a special report has been prepared and submitted to Auditor General of Pakistan against Naseemur Rehman Shah.

“The reason behind a dispute between Secretary Zahid Hussain and Minister Bao Rizwan was also Naseemur Rehman Shah and Nawaz Manik,” the letter revealed and requested the Environment Protection Department to nominate an impartial person for the anti-corruption inquiry, saying that in the presence of a controversial person, a fair and free investigation into the alleged irregularities cannot be possible.


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