India’s illegal occupation on J&K serious threat to regional peace



In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, All Parties Hurriyat Conference leaders have said that India’s continued illegal occupation on Jammu and Kashmir posed serious threat to peace and stability in the region.

According to Kashmir Media Service, the APHC leaders urged the Kashmiris to observe the 27th October as Black Day to send a loud and clear message to India and the international community that they reject the Indian illegal occupation of their homeland and will continue their struggle till they were given their right to self-determination.

Senior APHC leader, Shabbir Ahmed Shah, in a message from New Delhi’s Tihar Jail said that the invasion in Jammu and Kashmir by India on the 27th October 1947 was a naked aggression devoid of legal and moral justification. He termed it as an atrocious attack on the political and democratic rights of the Kashmiris and said that on that fateful day the so-called democratic state had brazenly violated the international law by usurping the fundamental rights of the people of Kashmir.

The APHC leader maintained that despite suffering at the hands of Indian tyrants, the valiant people of Kashmir have never accepted its dominance over the region. “Kashmiris have neither accepted the hegemony of the Indian state in the past nor will they accept it in the future”, Shabbir Shah said adding that day was not far when the Kashmiris’ struggle and their sacrifices for the noble cause would reach to fruition. He urged the international community to play an effective role to end India’s occupation of Jammu and Kashmir.

The APHC leaders, Syed Bashir Andrabi and Khawaja Firdous, in a joint statement issued in Srinagar said India is committing genocide of Kashmiri people since illegally occupying Jammu and Kashmir by force and deception on October 27, 1947. They said the Kashmiris will observe Black Day tomorrow all over the world to make it clear to India and the international community that they do not accept India’s forced occupation and will continue their peaceful struggle till they achieved freedom from the Indian yoke. They said that despite using different tactics, India had failed to suppress the Kashmiris’ struggle for securing their right to self-determination.—INP


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