Indebted by NY Mayor, Police Dep. for helping flood victims: Faraz


President of the Muslim Society of America and Commanding Officer of the New York Police Department, Deputy Inspector Adeel Rana has said that the United States has collected a lot of aid for the flood victims of Pakistan, which should be brought to the country with the help of the government or the Pakistan Army.

Delivery arrangements should be made to assist the victims during the time of need. The Pakistani community living in US, NYPD and the Mayor of New York generously donated to help the flood victims. He expressed these views during a visit to Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI).

On this occasion, KATI President Faraz-ur-Rehman, Senior Vice President Nighat Awan, Vice President Muslim Mohammadi, Former President Ehtishamuddin, Education Adviser to the US Ambassador Ali Chauhan, Chairman of American Pakistan Business Development Forum (AMPAK) Zeeshan Altaf Lohya, President Sheikh Imtiaz Hussain, Secretary General Nasir Wajahat, Zahid Ansari, Maheen Salman, NPYD Lieutenant Zagham Abbas, Sergeant Muhammad Qureshi, Police Officer Sagheer Ahmed, Muhammad Malik, Muhammad Dhillon, Faheem Mian, Zulfiqar Bajwa and other members participated.

Deputy Inspector Adeel Rana further said that the purpose of coming to Pakistan is to help the victims and encourage them towards rehabilitation. He said that not only the Pakistani community in the United States actively helped in collecting relief materials, the Mayor and the Police Department of New York also supported a lot.

NYPD provided warehouses to store relief supplies, transportation for deliveries and manpower to keep relief efforts running smoothly. Deputy Inspector Adeel Rana added that in this regard, he is also grateful to Turkish Airlines, which helped to deliver relief goods from the United States to Pakistan free of charge, but the quantity of goods is so large that it is not possible for Turkish Airlines to deliver all of it. He said that in this regard if the government or Pakistan Army cooperates, a large amount of relief goods can be brought to the victims.

Earlier, KATI President Faraz-ur-Rehman said in his address that the Pakistani community in America always stepped forward and helped in difficult times. Indebted to the Mayor of New York, NYPD and the Pakistani community in the US, to actively participate in helping the flood victims.

He said that Pakistan is an important ally of America, many welfare and charity programs are ongoing in Pakistan by the US Departments. While America is a big market for Pakistan where trade is being promoted by exporting various products. President KATI said that USA is the largest market for IT sector and entrepreneurship for Pakistan and across the globe, while Pakistan is developing rapidly due to its third position in freelancing. In this regard, there is an urgent need to create opportunities for Pakistani youth in USA.

Faraz-ur-Rehman said that KATI is also taking numerous steps for the promotion of the IT sector, especially for the women entrepreneurs KATI has entered into various capacity building agreements with educational institutions. He said that in this regard, KATI is playing its upmost role in preparing the new generation to face modern challenges.

On this occasion, Vice President Muslim Mohammadi said that KATI is the first trade body to provide aid to the flood victims, which immediately started relief activities under the leadership of Patron-in-Chief SM Muneer.

He said that the presence of the Commanding Officer of NYPD here is a proof that Pakistanis living in the US stand with the nation in every hour of difficulty. He said that AMPak is also playing a very active role in the promotion of trade between Pakistan and America, which is commendable.

Addressing the ceremony, America Pakistan Business Forum (AMPak) Chairman Zeeshan Altaf Lohya, President Shaikh Imtiaz Hussain and Secretary General Nasir Wajahat said that the purpose of AMPak is to promote trade between the two countries.

In this regard, 7 agreements have been signed, while 8 trade delegations of American investors have visited Pakistan, similarly, 6 delegations of Pakistani businessmen have made positive visits to USA through the platform of AMPak. They said that our effort is to rapidly increase IT exports in Pakistan. In this regard AMPak is playing its role with full potential in cooperation KATI.

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