Imtiaz chair meeting of electricity administration, Assembly members


A meeting of the Electricity Administration and Assembly members under the chairmanship of Sindh Energy Minister Imtiaz Shaikh held on Tuesday. Administrator Karachi Barrister Murtaza Wahab, Senator Yusuf Baloch and Secretary Energy Abubakar Madani, CEO K-Electric Monis Alvi and other officers participated in the meeting.

Members of the Sindh assembly piled complaints against K Electric. “Load shedding and over Billing have ruined the lives of the people, the people ask us, we are accountable to the people” said energy minister.

The legislators complained that the duration of declared and unannounced load shedding in Karachi has been 10 to 14 hours. Due to massive load-shedding, shortage of drinking water and rampant mosquitoes are on increasing. Energy minister Imtiaz Shaikh on the occasion said that despite the onset of winter, the increase in load-shedding is alarming. K-electric should set up camps in areas to solve the problems of consumers and complaints of over-billing should be resolved immediately.