Citizens stage protest against loadshedding on Mauripur road



Citizens of Lyari area have staged a protest against K-Electric (KE) on Mauripur Road in Karachi against unannounced and prolonged power loadshedding,

According to details, a large number of residents – under the leadership of Jamat-e-Islami (JI) MPA Syed Abdul Rasheed – have blocked the Mauripur Road, protesting against the K-Electric over prolonged power loadshedding.

The protesters were chanting slogans against the power supplying company for resorting to prolonged loadshedding throughout the day and even in the night-time. Meanwhile, the protest hampered the flow of traffic and led to a long line of vehicles.

Addressing the protestors, MPA Syed Abdul Rasheed demanded the KE to stop prolonged power outages as it was also creating a water crisis in the area.

He said the people of Lyari were facing power cuts despite the winter season, calling the KE’s attitude ‘biased’. He also lambasted the power supplying company for accusing people of Lyari of stealing electricity.