Imran’s success vote but what next?

Salahuddin Haider

VIVA Imran. His struggle, and courage to fight odds coming his ways, is indeed laudable, but Saturday’s Trust Vote in the National Assembly also is a powerful signal for him, a new message, to improve his performance for that alone can keep him in the saddle.

Opposition’s boycott of the specially convened session was a huge mistake. It repeated the same one which Peoples Party committed in 1984.

The decision by PDM trio of BIlawal, Fazlur Rehman, and Maryam Nawaz to paint in black the House voting of 178 for the PTI chief, reflects nothing but shortsightedness on behalf of all the three major parties. It could well be frustration too.

In words plain and simple, the 11-party alliance must be regretting for missing the bus, a decision that had hurt the Peoples Party in 1985.

PPP and other major parties, avoided participation in on-party elections, called by General Ziaul Haq, who after convening his Majlise shoora, correctly thought that those who refrained from elections, had missed the bus, a fact which Bilawal acknowledged 37 years later in 2019.

In mid-80s, he was a child, and so was Maryam, a college student, but now they, by being in the field for considerable time and in the forefront of campaign against PTI administration, have surely matured enough to comprehend the tricks of the trade, and if yet they commit a blunder, they will have to pay very heavily.

Time waits for no one, neither does history. The two young leaders, are ready to realize that, can only be known by the steps they are ready to take.

The Noon league leader, Nawaz Sharif calling the shots from London as master crafter. His guidelines through telephonic messages, are obeyed by his party blind-foldedly.

Bilawal too although advised by his cunning father, does prefer at times to go his own way.

Whether that would really lead to something positive, has yet to pay dividend, but things can always change.

Fazlur Rehman, like Bilawal and Maryam, remained undeterred, and his call to the PDM components to meet at Zardari House in Islamabad Monday for consultations on future strategy has evoked interest, but nothing could yet be said about its outcome.

Pundits, analysts, glass gazers, are keen to follow the coming events, whose shadow, though has begun to be cast, but a clearer picture is still to emerge.

The scene looks blurred at present, but one never know when does a situation takes a sudden and surprising turn.

While PDM front-rankers, obviously have rejected the outcome, but their arguments lack conviction.

Fazlur Rehman the jUI(F) leader, also PDM chief, termed Saturday’s voting and NA session as politically unimportant, while Maryam dismissed it as ‘ mustering votes at gunpoint, especially those in whom a distrust was shown by Imran and colleagues as renegades, and Bilawal’s emphasis was on ‘democracy being the best revenge’ a slogan, he attributed to Benazir, the martyred mother.

But their anger can, at best, be described as ‘reflection of the hindsight, or in simple and hesitating acknowledgement as something resembling to ‘frustration’.

Which of the two descriptions are correct or more appropriate coming days or weeks alone will be the final arbiter of that.

Government defenders like Shibli Faraz, Zulfri Bokhari, Fawad Chaudhri, Shahzad Akbar, or Dr FIrdous Ahsiq Aawan, have been convincing too in their argument, and in portraying Imran Khan as a brave, courageous and outstanding leader.

Now the scene will shift from tomorrow to prospects of electing Senate Chairman and his deputy.

Yusuf Reza Gilani, and sitting chairman, Senator Sadiq Sanjrani are hot aspirants for the coveted post.

Both are now mobilizing support in their favour, counting on help from opponents like MQM-P and General Democratic Alliance of Pir Pagara or the Chadhris from Gujrat.

Hectic campaigning on from both sides. What will be the result will indeed be interesting. One thing is clear. Imran’s allies have stood by him. They did that during confidence Vote, and ae expected to remain firm in voting for the two posts of Senate.

All kinds of temptations are currently at work. THe contest surely will be ov tial nature. So far there is no sign for split in Government alliance.

Fehmida Mirza, Khalid Maqbool Siddiqi,did receive Gilani, and others, but out of sheer courtesy.

Their commitment to Imran Khan is unwavering. Nasir Hasan Shah from Sindh tried to lure GDA by reminding them that PTI and allies had dumped their nominee Pir Sadrudding Shah for Senate seat, but response from the other side has yet to find favour.

PTI’s Farrukh Habib, and lady member of the party have challenged Gilani’s election, asking the Election Commission to refrain from issuing notification for his success, for the video, showed repeatedly on TV screen on vote purchase, though relied upon by petitioners, but whether Election Commission responds will be known in a couple of days.

Suffice to say in the end that Imran Khan may have to review his cabinet, including that of the Punjab, and change his style of working.

Hafeez Sheikh is down but not out, which may give rise to bickering in Imran party. What would be final result is worth watching.