Imran’s ‘hunger for power’ ruined economy, institutions: Marriyum


Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb on Wednesday criticised former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan for his “desperation for power”, claiming the approach eventually ruined the country’s economy and its institutions.

“His (Imran’s) desperation for remaining in power also wreaked havoc with the lives of masses who were misled by a false narrative of the so-called regime change conspiracy,” the minister said while addressing a news conference in Islamabad.

She claimed that Imran made billions via “business of diamonds” and selling gifts from Tosha Khana.

According to the Pakistan Muslim League-N stalwart, PTI chief had nothing to do with the country’s foreign policy, economy, power generation or creation of employment opportunities.

“In his four years’ rule, he robbed the masses and involved in corruption in every sector of the country,” she maintained. “The only agenda of Imran Khan was to turn Bani Gala into a money-gala,” Marriyum added.

She said that once the alleged corruption of Imran’s wife and her friend surfaced, the former premier started to threaten state institutions. “You will have to be answerable for your corruption,” she remarked. The minister held the PTI chief responsible for prevailing load-shedding and extreme inflation in the country. The PML-N leader also said Imran-led government negotiated with the IMF on weak grounds, and did not implement the agreement, causing the present regime to make difficult decisions. She claimed that not a single megawatt of power was added to the national grid during the past four years. Marriyum said, “Imran Khan was engaged in political revenge for four years because he had other priorities; controlling inflation, fixing the economy were not his priorities; his priorities were to mislead the youth, snatch their jobs and silence the voices of political opponents.” The minister said that those who misused their powers, destroyed the national economy, were responsible for load-shedding, inflation and economic catastrophe, and they would be held accountable by law.

Aurangzeb claimed that Bushra Bibi, the wife of the former prime minister, and her friend Farah Khan conducted business transactions in Bani Gala. She further said that although Khan maintains that Bushra Bibi is a housewife, it was on her instructions that the diplomatic cypher was touted as a “threat letter”. “Bushra Bibi runs orders to run trends against institutions; it was on her instructions that the [cable] was used as a threat letter,” the information minister said, asking Khan to “have some shame” for calling her a housewife.The information minister alleged that Bushra Bibi asks PTI’s social media team to run trends for diverting attention away from Farah’s corruption cases. The information minister said it has always PML-N’s stance that such audios and videos should not be released. “[Now PTI is protesting against it] but when the audios of someone else comes out, they will rejoice,” she said. The minister added that Khan’s attention was just on Bushra Bibi and Farah’s business transactions and that he did not care about the country’s situation.


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