Imran lashes out at Dar terming him as biggest conman of Pakistan

Imran Khan
Amraiz Khan

Former premier Imran Khan Monday lashed out at former finance minister Ishaq Dar terming him as the biggest conman of Pakistan. The premier further said that Mr. Dar had nothing to say in his defense to answer the questions of the National Accountability Bureau about his assets.

He expressed these views while addressing an event at the Government College University, Lahore, and Traders Convention at Alhamra Arts Council.

Imran Khan was of the view that Ishaq Dar had fled the country on the prime minister’s plane on the pretext of treatment. It has now elapsed three and a half years, and we do not know what treatment he is seeking abroad, he lamented.

“Here, deals are made with thieves, they are given NRO. Therefore, theft does not end, the country does not go forward and money laundering does not stop”, he added.

“I want to ask a question from the entire nation. Are you to watch this theatre like sheep and goats, or you will become a man and rise before oppression and injustice”, Imran went on to say.

He continued: “Now, what happens here in Pakistan? A United States assistant secretary of state, Donald Lu, held a meeting with the ambassador of Pakistan and told him that if Imran Khan is not removed from his post, the consequences will be grave for Pakistan. But, if he is, Pakistan will be forgiven.”

Imran Khan also hurled ‘cherry blossom’ jibe at Shehbaz Sharif while talking about the alleged conspiracy of Donald Lu. He also detailed how the no-confidence motion was passed against him and how his own party members deserted him.

He also mentioned Rumi and said: “Maulana Rumi said when God has given you wings, why do you crawl like ants on the ground?”

While throwing light on the importance of information technology, Imran Khan said: “We were to give the skills of information technology to our youth. But, sadly, we wasted 20 years. In these years, India’s exports in the IT sector rose from $1 billion to $140 billion.”

He claimed: “Nawaz Sharif tells him who should be disqualified. I struggled for three years for introducing electronic voting machines in the country for free and fair elections. But, the chief election commissioner did not allow EVMs at the behest of Nawaz and Asif Zardari. If he has a fraction of shame, he should resign today. And if he does not do so, we will have to make him resign.” He also lambasted Maryam Nawaz for ‘lying blatantly’.


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