Imran Khan’s stinky politics | By Naveed Aman Khan


Imran Khan’s stinky politics

SINCE 2018, political and economic instability created by Imran Khan has been spiraling out of control, threatening the country’s democratic and constitutional collapse.

More than three and half years of its stinky rule PTI has ruined the country. Political stability is the sum of the activities of the government, legislative bodies and people authorized to influence the country’s affairs in a manner that sustainably confirms the established political principles and practices but Imran Khan perceives otherwise.

It is the governance of a country’s affairs within the dynamic bounds of the law of the land enshrined in the constitution but Imran Khan thinks otherwise.

In a nascent stage, each member of PTI has tried to badly influence the collective affairs of the political band in the worst possible manner.

With the social distorted evolution through political bands, tribes, chiefdom and teen agers, the concept, practices and policies of politics have undergone wreckage.

Throughout this political journey since 2018, Imran Khan has hammered out many deductive and interpretative tools for playing politics destructively.

In order to ensure political stability, political and constitutional interpretations and political principles should have been institutionalized and codified in constitution in the modern political units, with varying degrees, definitions and determinants.

Unfortunately, political parties like that of Imran Khan’s PTI have not evolved stable, progressive, inclusive and tolerant political culture to attain feats for the country and the nation.

Sustainable economic prosperity and democratization, civilian supremacy and rule of law, institutional efficiency and balance of power, national security and social harmony, industrial and agricultural growth and employment opportunities, transparency and capitalization of resources, freedom of expression, security in life, policy consistency and pragmatic foreign policy are the fruits of political stabilization.

Political maturity and harmony, pragmatic political culture and practices, sincere meritocratic and visionary political leadership, healthy political competition, smooth political transition, clear separation of power, policy consistency, ideological political agendas, broader political consensus on vital national interests, and institutional cooperation help set the ground for a stable political landscape, Imran Khan knows all about but he does not take care of any for the sake of himself.

Political engineering, tussle for power politics, dynastic, despotic and power-seeking elite, incompetent civilians, militarization of politics, institutional outreach, patronized political elite, lack of popular public support in political decision-making, susceptibility of politicians to external sponsorship and obscene accent of the political elite have contributed to the prevailing political destabilization.

This is what inelegant Imran Khan is doing. He has almost derailed democracy and left far-reaching implications for the country.

The countries struggling against political instability and polarization cannot bode well. Pakistan is, unfortunately, one of them.

As a result, our country remained entangled within the backwardness and totalitarian clutches.

Divisive political circumstances, confrontational opposition, fragile parliamentary setup, selective accountability, conspiracies, militarization of politics, extra-constitutional interventions and lack of political maturity characterize the country’s volatile political landscape.

Fragile foreign policy, economic bankruptcy, social unrest, industrial downfall, rampant corruption, growing unemployment, illiteracy, militancy, sectarianism and widening ethnic divide are the outcome of the Pakistan’s charged political scene.

Stable political culture prompts prosperity and prevents destabilization of the country by navigating the testing times in an effective manner.

Political stability and harmony are imperative for inclusive and sustainable national development.

Imran Khan very well knows that at the present moment economy of the country is in very fragile shape.

It will get improved if PDM government is given six to nine month’s time. Knowing all this Imran does not want to give this six months’ time to PDM government at any cost so that it could not get political benefit out of it.

The PDM Finance Minister Ishaq Dar is optimistic and of the view that within next six months economic indicators of the country will be on ascending order.

Within these six months Saudia Arabia, UAE and China will strengthen our fiscal matters. Besides all this the rulers will have to look into their ways and means also.

The country is in real trouble. Almost thirty-five million flood victims are shelter-less and foodless in extreme cold weather.

Federal government is struggling to combat this calamity but it could not rehabilitate millions of the helpless people yet.

Opposition, philanthropists, and masses should also play their due role in the rehabilitation of the needy and helpless affectees.

This political and economic instability in the country is creating uncertainty amongst Overseas Pakistanis as well.

Because of instability foreign remittances have decreased enormously. Such shaky situation has encouraged India and Afghanistan to take advantage.

Both on eastern and western borders India and Afghanistan are continuously attacking Pakistan with heavy artillery.

Pakistan comes first. Now the ruling PDM and the Imran Khan (by choice on the roads) must practice pragmatism for the larger good of the country and the nation.

Free, fair and transparent elections would help navigate the country through the political instability.

—The writer is editor, book ambassador political analyst and author of several books based in Islamabad.