Imran Khan’s solo run


PTI Chairman Imran Khan has decided to contest by-elections on the 33 National Assembly seats vacated following the de-seating of PTI lawmakers by the Election Commission of Pakistan earlier this month.

Speaking to the media persons in Lahore, PTI leader Shah Mahmood Qureshi said the decision to field Khan on the vacant seats was taken after a meeting of the core committee and parliamentary party members at Zaman Park.

This is not the first time Imran Khan has decided to contest polls on multiple seats. In the previous by-election held in October last year, the PTI Chairman emerged victorious on seven seats.

Since more seats of lower house stand vacated following the acceptance of resignations by the Speaker National Assembly of the PTI members and the de-notification by the ECP, more by-elections are also on the cards to be held in March/April and the latest decision by the PTI Chairman reflects that he will opt for a solo run on all of them.

This undoubtedly is a political move in order to demonstrate the public support that Imran Khan enjoys in the public.

But technically he can only retain one seat and then the Election Commission will again have to conduct the by-elections.

And who knows that Mr.Khan again decides to contest the by-elections after submitting resignation from the National Assembly seat.

This vicious cycle of by-elections may be suiting a particular political party but proving to be a sheer burden on the national exchequer which is already empty and the government is knocking at different doors to secure funds and run affairs of the country.

The PTI Chairman needs to act with more maturity and review his decision of contesting on all the seats.

In fact if he is so confident of the PTI’s popularity, then he should not have any worries to field other candidates and this, in fact, will prove to be better for him as regards preparations for the next general election.

We will also suggest the political parties come up with electoral reforms, fixing the number of seats a candidate can contest elections at one time.