Imran Khan says doors of PTI open to all democratic forces


Lahore: Ex-Prime Minister and Chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has clarified that the doors of the party are open to all democratic forces to join its struggle for justice, the rule of law, and freedom from foreign subservience.

In a series of tweets, the former Prime Minister said: “All my life, I dreamt of seeing my country as a prospering welfare state [and] my struggle throughout has been to make this dream a reality for my nation.” He went on to say that the nation has awakened, understood, and risen in support of his message of justice, freedom, and national sovereignty.

“When we are so close to our goal, no fear or threat of death can stop my struggle. Our peaceful protests [and] dialogue are only for Pakistan’s Haqeeqi Azadi (Real Freedom).

Regarding the issue of the FIR of the assassination attempt on Imran Khan, the party has already expressed annoyance and unhappiness for being against the “demand of the complainant”.

Imran Khan, too, said that his position on the “farcical FIR” would be given by his lawyers.

While talking to media persons later on Tuesday, Imran Khan directed his party leaders and workers to stop demonstrations in all cities except Islamabad.

He added that he was aware of threats to his life. Therefore, he had recorded a video message before any attempt on his life.

Regarding the person who attacked him, Imran said the Punjab government had been directed to maintain his security. He said the long march would start again from the point where it had stopped.

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