Imran asks nation to rid country of three stooges


To reveal conspiracy behind killing of Dr. Rizwan

Tariq Saeed

Former Prime Minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Supreme Imran Khan Thursday asked the nation to wage struggle to rid the country what he termed the Imported government of three stooges of the US at the earliest. Reiterating the demand for early elections in the country, he said the honorable Pakistani nation will never accept the government of thieves and slaves.

“Nobody respects slaves, hence, we must admit at all costs that this imported government was imposed on the people of Pakistan through a foreign conspiracy,” he maintained. I am inviting everybody to the planned long march to the federal capital as we need to convey this message to the imported government and the foreign conspirators that we do not accept the regime change.” Imran Khan told a mammoth public rally in Swabi on Monday. PTI Chairman said the prime investigation agency FIA has been destroyed as the official who was probing the alleged corruption cases against Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and his sons was killed while another officer was fighting for his life.

“I will soon reveal the name of the poison which was used to induce a heart attack and kill the former director of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Dr. Muhammad Rizwan who was a brave officer”. He declared.

PTI Chairman said that after an operation was launched against the MQM, the party started targeting individual police personnel because of which Sindh police is still unable to become an independent department adding “There’s a killer placed on top of the FIA. His end will be what the MQM did to the police after the operation”. He said when thieves come into power they first of all destroy the institutions.

Former Premier said the tribal folk suffered maximum losses in the so called war on terror and regretted that 80,000 Pakistanis, mostly from tribal areas, lost their lives in the US-led war on terror after 9/11, whereas, 3.5 million people were displaced. He Instead of acknowledging Pakistanis’ sacrifices, the United States (US) blamed the country for its defeat in the Afghanistan war.

He lamented that during the 10-year period when “three stooges” Asif Ali Zardari, Nawaz Sharif, and Fazal Ur Rehman were in power, 400 US drone attacks were reported in Pakistan. He alleged that these “three stooges” did not raise their voices against the drone attacks due to which several innocent people lost their lives because all that genocide was done with the consent and approval of these three people who are now leading the “Imported Government”.

“These people would never raise their voices for the people of Pakistan because they are the slaves of the West and worship money more than anything else.


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