Imported tomatoes, onions consignments reach Karachi market



The consignments of onions and tomatoes imported from Iran and Afghanistan have started to reaching at the vegetable market here.

Over 50 trailers of tomatoes and 70 trailers of imported onions have reached Karachi vegetable market, which has helped to bring the onions price down by 100 rupees and tomatoes price by 120 rupees, according to market sources.

Onions are being sold at Rs 50 per kilogram and tomatoes 110 per KG in the wholesale market.

The Ministry of Commerce in a session last Tuesday decided to import onions and tomatoes from Afghanistan and Iran to control soaring prices of the commodities in the country after flooding damaged the crops in the country.

“The country will face shortage of onions and tomatoes in the next three months,” the meeting was informed in a briefing. “Current flooding has damaged crops and a shortage and hike in prices is expected,” the participants briefed.

Commerce Minister Naveed Qamar on Wednesday told the Senate committee on commerce that the government has not yet decided about import of onions and tomatoes from neighboring India. “The vegetables will be imported through private companies from Iran and Afghanistan and the government will act as facilitator,” Naveed Qamar said.

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