IIUI will be among leading ranks to fight for rights of Kashmiris


Dr. Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh, President International Islamic University, said that IIUI will be among the leading ranks to fight for the rights of Kashmiris.
He was addressing a meeting of Vice Presidents, Deans, Heads of Departments, Directors General and officers. He stressed the need for peaceful settlement of the Kashmir dispute in accordance with the United Nations resolutions.
The IIUI President said that Kashmir issue is one of the issues of concern to the Muslim world and all the nations must play an active role for its resolution. IIUI President also called for arranging conference, seminars and dialogues with greater frequency to create more awareness and information about the disputes and miseries being faced by Kashmiris.
During the meeting, a number of topics regarding university development were discussed, while IIUI President also gave necessary recommendations and directives on important aspects.
The IIUI President praised the important role played in university progress by the Vice-Presidents, Deans, Heads of Departments and management staff. He also stressed that research must be promoted relevant to the needs of society.—INP