ICAO expresses satisfaction over CAA’s steps for licencing process

Staff Reporter

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has expressed satisfaction over the steps taken by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for improving its licencing process, it was learnt on Tuesday.

The ICAO’s satisfactory remarks came after a report presented by the CAA regarding the reforms and progress on the Significant Safety Concerns (SSCs) of the international aviation institution.

The CAA’s steps for reforming personal licencing grabbed an 83 per cent rating out of the highest 97.4 per cent from ICAO.

According to the CAA spokesperson, ICAO has concluded Mandatory Information Request (MIR) regarding the licencing process in Pakistan after expressing satisfaction over the functionalities and operations of three sections.

The international institution directed the Pakistan’s aviation authorities to further progress in reforming five sections.

The ICAO, however, maintained its reservations over the safety steps of the Pakistan aviation authority and asked the concerned authorities to improve flight standard, airworthiness, aircraft accident and investigation board, air navigation and aerodromes and ground aid sections.